I'm Seamus Morgan.

Weird name hey? I've had people ask me if my parents loved me, because who would name their kid Seamus. Well listen here dipshit. No, they didn't really.. They kicked me on my ass when I was younger and dumped me here, this hole. Do you know how it feels to live in a family of six brothers and each other them have some skill or talent that your parents approve of? Do you?

I didn't think so... In my family, you're kicked to the curb if you're not good enough. I don't need them, just as much as they don't need me. I have my best mate James Hook, the most amazing gir Shock Salem and my childhood bestie Wendy Darling to take care of me. They don't know my past, I'd like to keep it that way. I'm always going to be second best out of my friends and I'm always going to be last out of my family...

They forget, I'm still just a boy.


2 notes #im not sure how to feel about cruella and lucifer #so for now i give you my blessings #as sam approves #and it will cause drama #i like drama #drama is fun
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